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Lil Eazy-E born and raised in Compton, CA, is the President of Rich & Ruthless Records and Rich & Ruthless Cannabis, a business investor, hip hop music artist, and son of legendary rap artist, Eazy-E.

Lil Eazy-E was raised within the music industry alongside some of the most prominent West Coast rappers. Growing up in the music studio gave him a firsthand introduction in vibing with artists of many genres and multifaceted producers. These experiences led to developing his love and passion, to not only be a music artist, but also a businessman.

Currently, Lil Eazy-E is overseeing the operations of Rich & Ruthless Records and Rich & Ruthless Cannabis, and starring in the WE TV Network series, "Growing Up Hip Hop", featuring the next generation of hip hop royalty. Rich & Ruthless Records is an entertainment and business development firm for musicians and producers of all genres, providing artist development, branding, music/production licensing and administrative services.

In 2021, Lil Eazy-E released his debut song, "It Ain't Over", on March 26th, which is the anniversary of his father's passing. "It Ain't Over" is inspired by Lil Eazy-E carrying on his father's legacy and letting the world know that his father's spirit will live on. The single was followed up with the release of the "It Ain't Over" music video on April 7th, "Eazy-E Day", which the City of Compton honors in the remembrance of Eazy-E.